Oakwood Cemetery

General Information

The City of Baldwin City operates the Oakwood Cemetery.

Additional Information

Vaults are required for casket burials in Oakwood Cemetery. Opening and closing of urn sites is done at a reduced fee. The cemetery is open to the public daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Oakwood Cemetery Lane

General Information

  • Burial spaces may be purchased by calling 785-594-6907. The cost is $500 per space. The cost for opening/closing full spaces for interment on a weekday is $400. There is an additional fee for opening/closing on weekends.
  • The City maintains the records of persons interred at Oakwood Cemetery, and a list is generally posted on the west wall of the sexton’s building, located on the property.
  • Steve Wright, Cemetery Sexton is responsible for the routine maintenance of Oakwood Cemetery, including mowing, tree care, weeding, painting, trimming of the grounds, and repairs to graves and crypts that may be necessary to prevent damages to adjoining graves or potential injury to the public. If you detect a maintenance issue, please contact Public Works at 785-594-6907.