Wipes Clog Pipes!

FB- Wipes clog pipes

In light of the Covid-19 epidemic and lack of available toilet paper to purchase, many will be looking for alternatives. Please know the sewer system is not designed to handle things like wipes (even flushable), rubber gloves, rags, or paper towels.

They plug the line, jam the pumps in lift stations, and cause the bar screen and compacter to plug and jam. All of which cause the sewer system to back up from plugged lines and burn up pumps and motors. It costs the City and Public unnecessarily and can spread more disease.

Only toilet paper should be flushed. Anything else causes problems. We do not want sewage backing up into people’s homes, especially as it could cause the epidemic and other diseases to spread into homes it might not already be in.

Thank you.
Steve Gorden
Baldwin City Waste Water Treatment Plant