Official Baldwin City Flag

On August 18th, 2020, Baldwin City Council approved an official city flag. 

About the design

The sunflower references Kansas' state flower, the Santa Fe trail markers, and gardens all over Baldwin City awash with colorful flowers, while the color yellow speaks of turning toward joy and opportunity. It is the color of sunflowers, and also of many autumn maple leaves. The maple leaf in the center of course references the Festival and also the maple leaf trees all over town, brilliant in the fall. Perhaps the creative energy and success spoken of in the color orange is why it's also the official color of Baker University. The curving line references the Santa Fe trail, tracing a path through the indigo that is a meeting of purple and deep blue to represent both the Baldwin Schools' purple and Baker University's navy. Indigo represents integrity in tradition.

About the artistimage of Ashley Kretzschmer

Ashley C. Kretzschmer (née Snedeger) moved with her parents to Baldwin City in 1996, starting fourth grade at Baldwin Elementary School the next school year. She graduated from Baldwin High School in 2006 and attended Baker University. 

After completing a psychology internship in the arts with the Lumberyard Arts Center by serving the older populations at Baldwin Care Center and Vintage Park, she graduated summa cum laude in 2010. She graduated with her master's in 2013, becoming a mental health counselor with a certificate in expressive arts therapy. 

She is currently a school-based mental health counselor and parent of two young children with her partner Matt Kretzschmer, also a BHS and Baker alum.


Indigo #2c0e78; rgb(44, 14, 120)

Orange #ff5723;  rgb(255, 87, 35)

Yellow #ffd91d; rgb(255, 217, 29)

Copyright Information

The City of Baldwin City flag is not copyrighted, nor is it eligible to be copyrighted. The image is available to individuals for use in First Amendment expression, and to businesses for commercial use, as well as for local government initiatives and to show local government participation.

It is licensed with a Creative Commons Zero license, which is simply a legal way to state it's public domain and for universal use.

To the extent possible under law, City of Baldwin City has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Official Baldwin City Flag . This work is published from: United States.

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In the same way a mascot unites a team, a flag allows citizens to show pride and love for their hometown. We asked the general public to help us show their love for Baldwin City and help us design a flag.

This contest was a chance for all of us to create a new city flag together. We wanted something that can fly all over Baldwin City proudly, outside businesses and homes. Something our business owners can put on products to promote the heart and soul of this small town. A design by the people and for the people. 


Design submissions were open from June 3rd, 2020 through July 3rd, 2020. More information about the submission process is available here. We received over 40 submissions.


After submissions closed, the Community Development Committee reviewed all submissions carefully using the North American Vexillological Association’s 5 principles of good design and chose what they considered to be the top 5 flags.

Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_1Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_2

Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_3Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_4

Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_5

Final 5 and Public Feedback

The final five (5) designs and artists, as chosen by the Community Development Committee, were featured at the Lumberyard Arts Center on July 17th during the Art Walk, and public voting began via paper and electronic ballot.

Final 2 Designs

The top two (2) designs as decided by public voting on the top five (5) designs went to city council for a final decision.

Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_2Baldwin Flag_Poster_vertical_Page_4


The council chose Ashley C. Kretzschmer's design as the official Baldwin City flag.