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Posted on: August 27, 2020

What about solar?

downtown solar panels

What about Solar?    

Chris Croucher, Director of Electric Distribution has received a number of calls about solar panels lately. 

Here’s a brief overview of how residential and commercial solar works in Baldwin City. Please note that this is for customers of the City of Baldwin City electric only. If your home or business is on Evergy, you will need to contact Evergy for specifics.

downtown solar panels

Can I install solar panels on my house inside Baldwin City limits?

Maybe. There are conditions to meet and a permitting process. The permit is available here, and the full standards manual is here. Please note there is a $500 application fee. The City has limited room for solar customers, based on a percentage of peak usage hours from the prior year.

Limited room. What does that mean?

The City allows 4% of total peak usage from the year prior to be net metering (residential) customers, and 8% of peak usage from the year prior to be parallel (commercial) customers. For net metering, we have 131.56 KW existing in service at the time of publication, and 232.48 KW in that 4% available.  In parallel metering the City has 144.49 KW existing in service at the time of publication and 583.59 KW in that 8% available.

How much could I save?

That depends largely on your usage. For a residential customer, you would receive 11.5 cents/kw credit on your bill for net metering usage. For commercial customers, the savings is 6 cents/kw for parallel metering. You will not receive money back at any time, but your total generation will be subtracted from your bill.

Where can I install solar panels?

That’s up to the installation company you choose to use, but it’s possible you could use roof space or a structure in your yard.

Where do you recommend we purchase solar panels?

There are a number of good companies locally who sell and install panels. Try searching for “solar companies in the Baldwin City area” and check reviews and ratings.

Can I install solar on an older house?

Maybe, but all electrical wiring should be up to current code as determined by the city code inspector.

Can I bank any power overages for later?

Baldwin City allows 30 day banking only, so net zero is a best case scenario. No positive account balances will be awarded.

Still have questions?

Contact Chris Croucher, Director of Electric Distribution, for more information: 785-594-6907

Click the images below to print or view the forms.

Interconnection Application for Customer-Owned Renewable Energy Generation _Page_1

Electric Net Metering and Interconnection Standards 2018Page01

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