Council Meeting

Tuesday, June 18, 2024  |  7 - 8 p.m.  |  Map It  

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Council Agenda | Council Minutes

A. Call to Order-Mayor Casey Simoneau

B. Approval of Agenda

C. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes 06.04.2024

2. Scheduled Claims List

3. Special Event-Maple Leaf

4. Special Event-Homecoming

5. Special Event-Baldwin City Fashion Show with Emma Jo in Concert

D. Public Comment:

Members of the public are welcome to comment on items relating to City business not listed on this Agenda. Please stand and wait to be recognized by the Mayor. As a general practice, the comments may or may not be acted upon by the Council during the meeting, or Council may refer the items to staff for follow up.

If you wish to comment on an item listed on the agenda, a sign-up sheet is provided for you to sign in and provide your address. You will be called on when the Agenda item of interest is under discussion by the Council.

E. Special Reports or Presentations

1 . Douglas County MPO

F. Old Business

G. New Business

1. Planning Commission Appointment

H. Council Committee Reports

1. Budget and Finance - Scott Lauridsen/Cory Venable

2. Community Development - Cory Venable/Susan Pitts

3. Public Safety - Susan Pitts/Jerry Smith

4. Public Works and Utilities - Julie Constantinescu/Jerry Smith

5. Strategic Planning - Scott Lauridsen/Julie Constantinescu

I. City Administrator and Staff comments

J. Council and Mayor comments

K. Executive Session

1. KMEA Contract Presentation

L. Adjourn

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