West Side Chip and Seal Work

May 14, 2024

Beginning in 2020, the City undertook to chip and seal city streets for the first time. Phase I, everything north of Highway 56, was completed in 2020. Phase II consisted of the southeastern portions of town, and was completed in 2021.

Chip and seal road maintenance work moves into Phase III in 2024, with the north and east sections of town finished and the west side left to do.

The 2024 City-Wide Pavement Maintenance program was put out for bid by BG Consultants, and the bid tabulation was presented to City Council on May 7th. Harbour Construction was granted the bid to perform chip and seal work in 2024, in the amount of $126,541.10 for the base bid plus “add alternate” portions 3 and 4.

This work is expected to begin in August of 2024, and will cover the west side of town including Orchard Lane, Indiana and Jersey Streets, side roads on the west side of 11th Street and a portion of Elm Street, Main, College, and a portion of Lawrence Street, South Street, Elk Horn Drive, Bison Court, and Mustang Drive.